Benjamin DEVISME

Benjamin Devisme IMF19

VP Sales @ColossalFactory

About Ben

I’m a French entrepreneur and investor. My job consists in solving major problems that hoteliers face everyday.

Hoteliers face 1 massive e-commerce challenge : customers favorite interface is mobile but hoteliers struggle to occupy that space and profit from the mobile market opportunity. Apps and mobile website are definitely not the answer but mobile instant messaging and artificial intelligence could be. If mobile is strategic for you be sure to book a sit at our panel.

From 2015 Colossal Factory : Problem solved => How can I exist, sell and create unique value for direct customers on their mobile? Colossal Factory makes customers able to interact with you through their favorite mobile channel (Facebook, SMS, Mobile website, Wechat, Telegram….). An artificial intelligence makes sure it doesn’t generate an excess work for the hotel.

From 2015 StaffMatch : Problem solved => How can I keep the hotel 100% functional today if some staff are missing? This is company operates only in France (sorry) where it’s the N°1 hotel temporary work marketplace. If your missing staff today Staffmatch will get you the right person to do the job right. It’s like Uber but for staff. We’ve reached 15ME revenues in 2016

2013-2015 PriceMatch : Problem solved => At what price should I sell my rooms to maximize my revenue? We started PriceMatch because we wanted to make RM available to all hoteliers. Our idea was to make it simple and affordable. It worked well, acquired our technology.