Iain Lovatt IMF

Chairman @ BlueVenn

Iain is the Chairman at Customer Data Platform vendor BlueVenn, and a B2B data analytics and modelling expert, boasting a 30-year career helping hundreds of CMOs and marketing leaders to optimize their business’ use of customer data to improve bottom line success.

As well as his day-to-day duties at BlueVenn, he has also held roles as Chairman for the UKs Institute of Direct Marketing, a Board Member for the Direct Marketing Association and has been included in the UK’s Big Data 100 for 3 consecutive years reflecting his contribution to the B2B marketing industry.

Iain talks at events around the world to educate marketing leaders about the importance of putting customer data at the forefront of their marketing and CRM strategies with a fundamental approach to generating more revenue from less spend.

As well as Chairman at BlueVenn, Iain is the Founder of the UKs leading B2B data analytics firm Blue Sheep, and has worked with global brands such as Allianz, Systemax, Subaru, Eurocamp, Hotel Chocolat, Manutan and Lego.